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The Conscious Evolution Story

Always striving to be my best, I ended with adrenal fatigue and feeling burned out.  Always doing and seldom just being, I needed to find a way to achieve what I wanted while also taking time for myself.  As a mom and trying to have it all, I rarely had the chance for any ME time.  But something had to give in order to save me from me.  And, I didn’t want my kids to mimic the same behavior.  I realized I wasn’t giving myself enough play and rest time.  When I started taking my craft to others and they were getting results, I realized that my spiritual gift along with my experiences can help people find their own path.  I had just one missing component – and that was authenticity.  I hid my true self from others for a very long time.  I was embarrassed and shy about the way I thought or my interests in the unseen.  But as I grew tired of hiding in the shadows, I started to reveal my true self.  As I did, I started a positive chain of events in my life and was able to manifest more of what I desired.  I then realized that most women need the same thing: to become authentic and start living the life they desire.  All of this can be done with techniques that can’t be quantified.  To change requires acknowledgment.  This would be a conscious thought rather than being on autopilot. This is how Conscious Evolution came to be.  We are all striving to be better every day through consciously affecting our habits and thoughts.

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Traci’s Story

No stranger to adversity and hard work, Traci uses her professional and personal experience to help others live their best lives and equips them to handle whatever life brings them using subtle energy alchemy.

Traci’s life came to a crossroads when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 25. She fought back by implementing healthy lifestyle changes with her holistic nutrition education, fitness experience, determination and grit, and successfully manages the disease with no medication. She shares her approach on the Facebook group she founded, Healing MS Naturally.

Traci received her Master’s in Kinesiology from University of Illinois at Chicago where she trained athletes and engaged students to learn the methods for exercise testing. She received her health coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. She has training and is a provider for TRE – Trauma Release Exercise and is a certified FLOW breathing coach.

After her MS diagnosis and battle with becoming the healthiest version of herself, she found herself divorced with two beautiful kids. She became determined to uncover key components to a life of health and vitality that were outside the status quo.

With her extensive wellness education, experience at defying the odds and energy healing spirit, Traci helps guide those who are ready to reach the triad of success through soulful, intuitive exploration.

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