If you are feeling called to have a deeper connection to the divine Goddess within you so that you can appreciate your authenticity and expand your self-awareness, then join Conscious Evolution for 6 days of soulful awakening and self-discovery so that you will become the creator of your Universe by stepping into alignment with your soul.

March 23-28, 2023 | Joshua Tree California

Waking up to the stillness of the desert, as the sun slowly rises in the sky, casting a pink and orange glow over the desert, you notice the silence. Without the noise of the everyday hustle-and-bustle you get to let your hair down and feel the cool breeze of the morning sunrise over the desert landscape while sipping your coffee and feeling gratitude for the peaceful experience.

While immersing yourself in open-minded and sophisticated conversation to expand your mind, you already sense a belonging amongst the other women as you are able to feel the bonding of heart and soul…

…it’s just what you needed to restore your enthusiasm for life.

You know that you are amongst your tribe: sharing meals, laughing, crying and connecting is exactly what you desired for a reset so that you can emerge as the more vibrant you.

Soaking in the rhythm of nature and the energy of Joshua Tree, you allow your senses to become overwhelmed by the sounds, smells and tastes of each experience.

As the sun begins to set, you take a deep breath and close your eyes, letting the tranquility of the desert wash over you. You savor the silence, feeling free from the noise of the everyday grind. You’re grateful for this opportunity to unplug and focus on yourself. The starry night sky fills with millions of twinkling stars close enough to touch and wrap yourself in. The view is a reminder for you to live more authentically, laugh more, and to just live in the moment.

Re-discover and remember your dreams and desires through an immersion of senses so that you can return home and begin implementing strategies to become more YOU.

Using the 5 senses, connect with other like-minded women and discuss your true desires while being guided to find your truth so that you will begin to shed the old you and emerge having a new outlook on life.

Learn to take back your voice by creating a space for your heart and soul to reconnect through guided self-discovery, self-care practices and nurturing your soul in nature so that you can live courageously and take off the mask you’ve been wearing once and for all.

Experience guided coaching, slowing down and reconnecting with nature to help you unravel your thirst for life so that you will have the motivation and courage to chase after your dreams.

Discover what gets your blood pumping and soul jumping with other like-minded women so that you can infuse more vibrancy and adventure into your everyday life.

Let your hair down and speak to your soul through journaling, hiking, nature, fire ceremony and sound healing so that your ‘wild side’ can have the stage and you feel more authentic in your own skin.

Gain a better understanding of how to connect with other women through cacao ceremony, meal sharing and compassion so that you remember your brilliance and beauty to connect on a deeper level with women in your ‘tribe’

This looks amazing...

The Venue

The mountains are waiting with open arms, so get lost in their embrace while exploring your creativity through journaling, hiking, and movement. The mighty mountains represent freedom and self-expression; perfect environments for releasing those old fears that hold us back on our journey towards happiness!

Joshua Tree is an energy vortex that entices you to find peace within your soul. While sitting amongst the picturesque landscape and breathing in the sacred energy, know that the magic of the desert will coax you into feelings of balance and rekindling of your sacred body.

While gathered around a fire pit under the desert night sky, explore your inner desires amongst the heavens while having an unhindered view of some world-class stargazing. As the sun rises over the desert, the warmth of the sun sets on your skin to create a sense of renewal and rebirth for a deeper connection to self.

Each room will have you feeling like you stepped into a luxurious getaway with views of where the land meets the sky.

With 3.5 acres of unblemished land, you will find peace of mind while sipping on coffee on the patio or allowing the cool breeze to tickle your senses in the open land. You will find your space and serenity amongst the sand and Joshua trees.

Enjoy a luxurious dip in the 7-person spa under the stars so you can relax and unwind before slipping into your bed for a restful night’s sleep.

With 4000 sf of indoor living space, you will be confident in knowing that you can escape from everyone when needed or gather around the rooftop patio or outdoor firepit to connect with others.

And when you are ready for restorative movement, find yourself in the indoor or outdoor yoga chalet to release some energy, connect with breath or go deeper into meditation and optional plant medicine

The Cuisine

With two spacious dining rooms and chef-prepared meals, you will have the chance to unwind and connect with the other guests while eating high-vibrational, healthy food. No hustle and bustle. No kids or spouse. Just you and delicious food to nurture your palette and soul.

Our chef knows how to create a beautiful plate and soul-satisfying flavor combinations just for you. Sit back and relax – each meal is included so that you won’t have to lift a finger!

Have food requirements or needs? No problem! Just let me know and we will be sure to have your taste buds and needs covered.

Our Journey

Welcome Dinner and Group Gathering with a New Moon Intention setting.

Immerse yourself in the surroundings while getting to know the other women while enjoying the first chef-made meal. Then prepare to create your retreat intentions while casting them off to the lunar energy.

Group discussion, Hiking and Cacao.

Intuitive-led discussions will precede a hike into Joshua Tree’s energy so that the lessons and new ideas can take root. Sip ceremonial cacao in the afternoon to ground your energy into Mother Gaia.

Unveiling your authenticity, movement releasing and 1-on-1 sessions with Traci.

Get more guidance to help you unveil the special parts of your heart and soul. Sarah will help you move through emotions in her specialized technique of releasing stuck energy. Take advantage of 30 minutes of 1-on-1 time with Traci for personalized guidance.

A deep dive into the real you plus a private sound healing session.

Get even deeper into YOU with more discussion followed by a private, in-studio, sound healing session.

A Coffee, Kava and Cacao experience.

Grab tissues and a journal as you get to explore the group energy while drinking the sacred drinks of Kava and Cacao in a ceremonial setting.

Group integration and intention recaps.

Enjoy the last chef-made meal at breakfast while recapping our lessons and creating lasting bonds with our new-found tribe of women.

Top 8 Reasons For Not Missing This Retreat

  1. A private and intimate sound bath experience right in the Villa
  2. Your very own on-site personal chef creating drool-worthy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals plus snacks and beverages (however this is an alcohol-free event)
  3. Indescribable views overlooking the Joshua Tree landscape
  4. Get blanketed under the darkness of the sky for a once-in-a-lifetime view of the stars during the New Moon
  5. Social-Media-worthy sunrises while sipping on palette-satisfying coffee and tea
  6. Commune with Cacao and Kava to find your inner Goddess
  7. Immerse yourself with like-minded souls in a spacious 4000 sq ft villa
  8. The sacredness and privacy of over 3 acres of energetic space to release and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit

I'm ready to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit...


  • Deepen the connection to your soul without worrying what others will think and create a bond with yourself that is unbreakable
  • Realize your true potential and align your heart and soul to light the fire that’s been hidden deep inside you.
  • Finally, smile authentically and exude infectious joy knowing that you are perfect the way you are and your journey is designed for you
  • Let the Goddess come out and play while being supported and encouraged to be yourself
  • Be courageous and let your voice be heard amongst the mountains – scream, yell or cheer for new beginnings and solid foundations
  • Let the fire, sound, stars and food bring your senses back to life and merge with your desires once again
  • Get cozy with nature and connect to the aspects of yourself that you have kept hidden. Remove the mask to reveal the divine creator that you are.

This journey is for you if…

  • You crave spiritual growth and this idea creates excitement AND nervousness
  • You love the idea of being vulnerable and supported in a group to speed up your healing process
  • You are looking for ways to transform your relationship with yourself and others
  • You finally know that healing the mind, body and spirit requires time for yourself to lean into your inner Goddess
  • You love opening up to others while eating specially prepared vegan meals
  • It’s time to embrace the power of self-awareness and change your life forever
  • You are ready for a spiritual journey that can be the most rewarding experience of your life
  • Creating a bond with nature and spirit is important for your authenticity
  • You enjoy participating in group activities that create harmony and peace

During the retreat, we’ll participate in ceremonies and rituals designed to help you let go of stress and open yourself up to new possibilities. We’ll also spend time exploring the desert landscape and connecting with nature. This is a chance to step away from the busyness of everyday life and remember what’s truly important. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of self-discovery.

This journey is not for you if…

  • You find a spiritual journey mundane or too woo-woo for you
  • Don’t feel the need to create bonds and lasting friendships with other like-minded women
  • Wouldn’t appreciate releasing emotions while sitting amongst the beauty and energy of Joshua Tree
  • You feel that chef-prepared vegan meals are not for you
  • Bonding with Mother Gaia would be too scary
  • If you are not ready to embark on a spiritual journey to find your authenticity

I want to join you in California...


  • Pre-trip call to learn details and ask any questions
  • Each retreat participant will receive 30 minutes of private coaching and guidance from Traci so that you have a more personalized experience.
  • Private group chat prior to the retreat so you can get to know your fellow retreat goers
  • Sarah will conduct specialized classes daily to help with the physical release of emotions
  • One post-trip group call for integration and retreat closure

What’s Included

  • 6 Days and 5 Nights of Stress-free Bliss at the spacious and secluded Gaia Villa
  • All meals included: plant-based, vegan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner carefully prepared on-sight. Includes coffee, tea and light snacks
  • An in-house Sound Bath experience in the private yoga studio
  • Special movement classes to release emotions within the fascia
  • Group hiking in beautiful Joshua Tree
  • Cacao ceremony under the desert stars
  • Kava experience to naturally unwind and mingle
  • A fire ceremony during the New Moon to set intentions
  • Group classes to include breathwork, journaling and open discussion
  • Facilitation and guidance for integration
  • Airport pickup from Palm Springs to Gaia Villa, airport drop off from Gaia Villa to Palm Springs

What’s Not Included

  • Airfare to and/or from your starting destination
  • Personal rental car
  • Tipping or extra spending money (you shouldn’t need any extra money unless you feel called to tip)
  • Travel insurance

Your Hosts

Hi, my name is Traci Hill and I provide the space for people to take back their health and build a more resilient life through a positive mindset, and overcoming emotional trauma and setbacks. I am no stranger to adversity and hard work. From my own professional and personal experience, I am able to help others live their best lives and equip them with tools to overcome hurdles while expressing authenticity.

When I was 25, I was struck with the devastating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). But I was too determined to let this disease get the best of me so I fought back by ingesting as much knowledge and education as possible. With my Masters in Kinesiology, Holisitic Nutrition Certificate, and successfully understanding the key component to a balanced life – releasing trapped emotions and stress – I was able to free myself of any diagnosis. I began to live symptom free.

As I began using the Emotion Code, I started to see major shifts in not only my physical health but my emotional/mental health as well. I was able to view hardships in life in a different, more mature way. I wouldn’t shut down or internalize things as much. I started to express myself in difficult situations.

Read More

And then I went through a horrific divorce situation. I was put in jail for 24 hours by my now-ex-husband (classic narcissist symptoms) and separated from my 2 children. This put me at major risk of succumbing to my MS symptoms. I could have easily gone into victim mode. But I chose to fight using the knowledge I had already gained.

I found ways to create new thought patterns so that I would have my own physical and emotional sovereignty over myself. I chose not to be a ‘victim’ of my circumstances and rise above my situation.

By experimenting and soul searching, I created a new reality for myself and understand what it means to truly love oneself and the world around you, to live in vibrancy and let your authenticity shine as a beacon for others.

And now, over 10 years later, I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. I know what it means to truly love and respect myself. I choose, each day, each moment, how to feel. I know that I am the creator of my world. I know that I can be authentic and still be loved. I know that nature provides me with the answers. I have created a tribe of friends who are supportive, uplifting and beautiful souls. And I want the same for you!!

I want you to learn how to tap into that energetic connection and return back to your heart center, become the light you were meant to be, and rediscover your soul’s purpose and passion.

Hi! My name is Sarah Joyce and I have a mission to help people release stored trauma that has been held in the body. I’ve experienced personal heartache and trauma. After a divorce, my entire world shattered around me and I fell into a deep depression. I developed a coping mechanism early on in life on how to compartmentalize all feelings so that I wouldn’t have to cope with what I was feeling. After becoming a Chicago Firefighter, I had to step into masculine energy to manage my job and the people I worked with in the firehouse. I never wanted to look weak or show emotions. Shoving down feelings became the norm for many years.

I then entered into another toxic relationship and slowly became a shell of myself. I was broken and felt I had nowhere to turn. The only choice I had was to face my fears, my trauma and my feelings. It was immensely scary.

All of these emotions that were held inside my cells were also causing physical symptoms that doctors couldn’t explain. I tried all types of allopathic and natural remedies. But nothing seemed to keep the symptoms at bay.

The Universe gave me direction and by sheer luck I discovered movement therapy by Human Garage. It has helped me to feel self-compassion, express my wants over needs, express my emotions and, most importantly, to release the stuck emotions.

As I discover hidden layers of myself, I have learned to forgive myself and situations. I can now move through the exercises and know that my physical body can represent my internal compass of love and joy.

I am excited to share my journey and practice with you and help you release the stress and anxiety of your everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a roommate - how do I arrange that?
There are 12 spots available. First come, first serve. Rooms will be assigned based on price and what is available at time of booking. The most in one room is 4 people, each with their own bed.
What is included in my registration?
Once you register and give a payment (either partial or full), you will be included in the retreat itinerary. This covers the Villa room and board, all food, all activities and more.
Can I bring my kids/partner?
This is a women’s only retreat. The property will be closed off to visitors for the duration of the retreat with the exception of the retreat guest-hosts.
Where do I fly into?
There are 3 airports to choose from. Palm Springs is the closest and we will have a large passenger van for a pick up to and from Gaia Villa at a designated window of time.

– Palm Springs International Airport (PSP): Approx. 38 miles (61km), 45 minutes by car
– Ontario International Airport (ONT): Approx 88 miles (142km), 1.5 hour by car
– Los Angeles (LAX): 140 miles (225km), 2.5+ hours by car. Please note traffic from LAX can be significant during rush hours.

Is there transportation from the airport to Gaia Villa?
There will be a large passenger van that will do 1 pick up from Palm Springs. However, if you want to rent a vehicle, you will need to make those arrangements at your own expense. There is plenty of parking on the Villa property if you choose to rent your own vehicle.
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Absolutely! Our chef, Dori Lancaster, is well-versed in creating spectacular meals for retreats. All her meals are vegan and plant-based. If you require food accommodations, you can contact me. This will be asked at the time of your initial phone call to reserve your spot.
What is the weather like in Joshua Tree in March?
Typical weather in March is March: 68°F / 40°F. You should prepare for cool mornings and nights and warm days. A hat and jacket is recommended along with shorts and tshirt. You will get a more extensive packing list prior to the retreat.
What is the itinerary?
Each day will have a similar pattern. While you will be guided during the entirety of the retreat, down-time is still a must for processing. However, this retreat is geared toward healing, growth and connection and therefore there won’t be time for extra excursions.
What if I want to stay longer in Joshua Tree?
You are encouraged to stay longer and soak up the energy vibes of the desert. However, the Villa requires us to leave around 11am on the 28th in which the van will depart for Palm Springs airport. If you desire to stay longer, please advise me and I can help you locate a local venue or hotel that may be able to accommodate you. Please note that the cost of any extra stay will be your responsibility.


Do you have additional questions? You are welcome to email Traci at…


Ready to Register?

Get the pricing information and pay your deposit.



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