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How do I prepare for Emotional Clearing?

The only thing you need to do is be sure to be in a quiet space in which you can be present for the session. Here is a link for a video explaining more.

How long does a session take for Emotional Clearing?

Sessions last about 15 minutes.  I will do most of the talking.  Sometimes messages come through that need to be discussed.  I never know what will happen during each session as they are all unique and individual.  Here is an explainer video.

What should I do in between clearing sessions and how long should I wait for the next session?

For the 5-7 days following a session, you should drink plenty of water, sweat, walk, nap, laugh or anything else that you feel the urge to do for yourself.  Emotional healing is very individual and therefore the needs required will determine what is needed after a session.  However, water consumption is extremely important to allow the emotions to fully integrate out of the physical body and allow the fascia and organs to heal.  There may be a need to cry or laugh at odd times.  Know that this will pass.  It is just your bodies way of releasing.  A need for extra sleep may be required of your body also.  That is completely normal.

It is suggested to go 2-4 weeks between sessions to allow the changes to take place and the body to adjust to the new stage.  Here is a video explaining more of Emotional Clearing

What if I want to know my Scale of Consciousness?

The Scale of Consciousness calibration is usually done during the first session of Emotional Clearing.   However, if you only want your calibration, please email Traci at

Is your 8 week program similar to Shadow Work?

All one-on-one 8 week programs are unique to the client.  There is not a cookie-cutter approach therefore the material discussed will be determined by what the client wants to resolve, learn, understand or grow from, where they currently are on their journey, how much knowledge they have going into the program and how the client learns best.  There are times that aspects of Shadow Work will need to be addressed, however, it will only go as far as is comfortable for the client or as time permits (often times Shadow Work can take months).

What support will I receive during an 8 week one-on-one program?

All 8 week programs will give you an hour of a Zoom meeting with Traci, unlimited messaging during the week, additional support and materials as needed, homework (never graded but highly recommended for growth) and emotional clearing.  You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you desire and how to align yourself with your purpose and true self while gaining a deeper appreciation for YOU.

How do I sign up for the 8 week program?

You can go to the coaching page to sign up.

Or, to talk to Traci about the program totally for FREE and see if you are the right fit for each other, you can schedule a call HERE

What if I want more coaching after the 8 weeks?

If you have completed the 8 weeks, Traci will discuss with you a more tailored program.  Another 8 week program may not be required.  This will be on an individual basis.  Traci may also refer you out to another coach or healer for modalities outside her scope.

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