Conscious Evolution


Courses, Coaching, and Retreats for those who desire a deeper understanding into their personal purpose.

You want to reach your potential, personal power and strive for abundance, beauty and love in life. You know there is something bigger in life and no longer feel like you fit into the box they have been put in thus far. You dealt with the same cycles with negative results. You don’t quite know how to move beyond doubt or fear. You are tired of being tired. You want more from life.

When you work with me you will understand who you are, not who you were conditioned to be.

I use intuition, knowledge and experience to help you find your path. You will unravel the early teaching from childhood to create a life of love and abundance in your spiritual, mental and physical self. You will be able to recognize the cues from your body and make adjustments. You can begin to listen to your higher self. You will create confidence and let go of old patterns that were holding you back.

Whether you prefer a gentler approach or prefer to rip off the bandaid, your pace is in your control. With many options to choose from, you can decide to start slow or go all the way into a retreat

Meetup Group

Chicago, IL
A gathering of those wanting to learn how to navigate the world of weight loss, health and fitness, gut health and brain health by exploring law of attraction (LOA), soul searching, mediation, alternative therapies and modalities, and listening to their higher self. Learn how your past and present emotions are running your life and how to change your behaviors.
These meetings will be tailored to those attending. Any experience/skill level is welcome.

Self-Guided Classes

These Conscious Evolution online courses via the Heights platform. Pineal Gland Activation course and Releasing Limiting Beliefs courses are available now.

8 Week Coaching

Individual coaching is for you, if you desire a deeper understanding of who you are. If you desire to return to self-love. If you want to find their passion and purpose in life while creating abundant health for yourself.

Featuring core value evaluation, nail reading, energy transformation, goal-setting, coaching and energy healing. You will get a clearer picture of who you are, what is stopping you from progressing in life and how to reach a more blissful state of being.


Conscious Evolution retreats are focused on helping you to become a fuller being. By unraveling the blocked emotions that create unwanted habits, and creating new habits by letting go of your old patterns. A truly immersive experience, complete with sound healing, meditation, cacao ceremony, coaching, guidance and healing.

Next Retreat: Information coming soon!


Everybody has their own journey. How you decide to take on this one life is completely up to you.

However, if you desire to create a life of love and joy all while filling your purpose and passion, take the steps with compassionate guidance. Using all my tools, I will help guide you to find yours. You are capable of so much more beyond what you currently think. Let me guide you into the real YOU.

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