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What They Say

“For years I woke up with “knot” in my stomach. I figured that something was just wrong with me. I didn’t realize that I was carrying emotional baggage. Traci was skilled at unloading all that and now when I wake up I don’t have that knot in my stomach, I feel lighter and free. I recommend Traci to anyone who feels stuck and don’t know the way to get unstuck.”


“There are no coincidences or so they say. Traci came into my life at a time where I was a very low negative point in my life. She intuitively knew what modalities I needed to meet my spiritual growth. There were deep traumas in my life as are with most of us. We did some amazing T.R.E. Sessions and emotional code sessions. I am so happy to say that even though I’m a work in process, I’m at a much better place mentally and spiritually than I have been in a long time. Our bodies can truly heal ourselves but we need some amazing facilitators to sometimes help us realize our potential. Traci has an amazing calming energy about her and all she comes in contact with. I’m looking forward to working so much more with her and I highly recommend you do too!”

Maureen K

“It was a chance encounter and a Facebook light that went on over my head that guided me to Traci. In what was a smart-alec suggestion turned into a unique ability to have someone help hone in my skills. This began the adventure down a new path. Almost as if this leg of the journey is inevitable, but needed help to read the “map” properly. Of greatest gift is she is always just a phone call away! Just like a great novel, one chapter leaves you eager to learn more! The simplicity of a thank you conveys a hundred thousand bits of gratitude!”
Maggie M

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