The Foundation of All Creation

Think of your favorite book (some would say Harry Potter) or movie (many would say Star Wars). Or maybe your all-time favorite song (could yours be Bohemian Rhapsody?).

These likely weren’t created by someone using logic and analytics.

These were the creations of imagination and daydreaming.

Some of the worlds’ best physicists (Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla) used daydreaming and imagination to fuel innovation.

Daydreaming (or staring off into space) is the one thing that we should all be doing on a daily basis.

Can you remember when you were a kid and you would sit in class, bored or tired, and you would start to wander in your mind and suddenly you were no longer in class. You were in a faraway land slaying a dragon or shooting through space. And it felt wonderful. You were fully immersed in your daydream.

You would be right at the pinnacle of your daydream and your teacher would scold you for spacing out and not paying attention. And maybe the teacher even made you feel bad for daydreaming.

But guess what…this is an essential form of creativity and invention. It is a form of wakeful meditation.

Maybe you are still daydreaming while at your boring job or while mid-train ride to work. I bet you’ve even ‘gone off’ while driving in heavy traffic. Suddenly you come back to the present and realize you drove 10 miles but don’t remember 1 minute of it.

While some may see daydreaming as wasteful time, some of the biggest innovators of our time will say otherwise.

Allow yourself to daydream. It’s what gets your creative juices flowing, brings another way of solving a problem and gives you the excitement of trying something ‘outside the box’.

And while daydreaming is great for you, it’s also INCREDIBLE for kids. They need that time to discover and explore the realms outside of what adults deem “normal” thinking.

Kids are still innocent and their imaginations run wild because they aren’t hindered by what is considered acceptable behavior and play.

Let your kids get into the mode of daydreaming often. It’s good for their mind and soul. And you never know, they could be the next Rowling or Tesla!

“My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements, and operate the device entirely in my mind.” Nikola Tesla

“Imagination is the foundation of all invention and innovation” – JK Rowling

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