When a Star(child) is born

Being a child is full of its ups and downs

We’ve all been there (obviously). But maybe your childhood was different.

Maybe you felt different from others or expressed yourself differently.

If you’ve never heard the term Indigo Child or Starseed, you may be surprised to find that you, or even your child, are one of them.

For most kids, there are expectations in school to get good grades, do well, listen to the adults and do what is expected of them. But for many kids (or yourself) this type of learning and living didn’t sit well with you.

You preferred to have alone time, sit with nature, challenge authority and daydream. A typical school curriculum doesn’t condone much of these things. The home environment was structured with the same elements: do your chores, listen to authority, be a good girl or boy and don’t question the adults.

This type of lifestyle for an Indigo child or Starseed can be stressful, overwhelming and may lead to depression.

Starseeds are emotionally evolved yet most of society doesn’t see them in that light.

Many Starseeds fall into some or all of the following categories –

Creative or artistic in different facets

Enjoying alone time

Has a hard time making new friends

Deeply connected to nature and/or animals

Challenges authorties

Challenges societal norms


Gets bored easily

Very intelligent but does average in school

Tendency toward rebellion

Possibly diagnosed with ADD or similar

May seem depressed at times

Empathic (take on other peoples feelings)

There is nothing wrong with the Starseed child. In fact, they understand the Earth’s energies better than most people. They sense subtle energetic shifts. They deeply feel when nature is out of balance or when a person or animal is suffering. They have a subconscious need to help those who appear to be hurting. They understand, on a cellular level, that humanity is all linked together. There is no separateness. Every living Being on the planet relies on all other living Being and that we must all work together in joy, peace and love.

When these children are told in school to sit down, listen and raise their hand to talk, this puts them in a strained position of wanting to do the right thing but knowing that it doesn’t feel natural. They know that their mind works differently but it can be difficult to express to adults, who think linearly, how their process works. They are global thinkers. Helpers. Humanitarians. Artists. They are here to raise the global consciousness of the planet. To help raise the frequency of Mother Gaia and its inhabitants. They are here to bring peace to mankind and protect our most precious resource – planet Earth.

Helping them become aware of their true function in this lifetime is paramount to their mental health. If not nourished, they may become depressed and most likely be put on medication. This will completely stifle their personality and not allow them to flourish and thrive.

As a parent, the best practice for you is to allow them alone time when they need it. This helps them to decompress from the energies of the day. Being in school can be exhausting for Starseeds as they need to process and just sit while their body moves out the unnecessary energy.

Give them ample time in nature, give them a plant or animal to take care of or get them walking outside as much as possible.

Let them express themselves artistically in whatever means comes most naturally for them. Growing up, I was into moving my body. I would find ways to get energy moving by doing a physical activity that felt good to me: cartwheels, dancing, swinging on a swing or biking. Some kids may want to use their hands while others might find a way to be creative with technology. Let them play and experience different facets of creativity. It will ebb and flow as they get older. The more exposure they have at a younger age, the better they will be able to express themselves as teenagers.

There is no logical way to raise a Starseed. Each unique Being has their own way of expressing the world around them. Listening to their needs and allowing them to navigate life in their way, even if it seems strange to you, will help them develop a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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